Match Predictor rules

The UEFA EURO 2016 Hyundai Predictor is a free game, where the player can predict the results of individual matches throughout the tournament.

A UEFA EURO 2016 Hyundai Predictor player can register to participate and compete for prizes. You can also play as "guest" in anonymous mode, but you won't be eligible to win prizes or participate in the global leaderboard.


Making predictions

For every match from the group stage to the final, you can predict a number of events. The events which are available to predict are:

  • Correct score
  • First team to score (from round of 16 onwards)
  • First player to score (from round of 16 onwards)


  • Points are only awarded for correct predictions and will vary from 1 to 100 depending on the number of players who also made the correct prediction. The lower the number of players who make the correct prediction the more points will be awarded
  • In the event of a game going to extra time, the result used will be the one after extra time but before any penalty shoot-out
  • A guide to the number of points which can be earned for each prediction is displayed under each potential outcome. These numbers are updated 'as live' while the match is in progress – refresh your page to see the latest update
  • Predictions can be changed at any point up to the scheduled kick-off time of the match in question

Bonus points

  • From the round of 16 onwards, once you have predicted the result of a match you can also predict the first team and first player to score. These predictions are all independent so, for example, you can predict Team A to beat Team B 1-0, Team B to score first, and a player from Team A to score first

For a correct prediction, you earn:

  • First team to score: 10 points
  • First player to score: 30 points

Note: you will only be able to predict the first player to score once the lineups have been announced, from around 60 minutes before kick-off.


For every matchday, you can assign one prediction to be your joker. A correct joker prediction will result in the points awarded for that prediction being doubled.

Joker selections can be changed at any time up to the scheduled kick-off point of the game in question.

Challenge your friends

A key part of the game is the opportunity to challenge your friends and compete with them in a head to head. A challenge is valid for the entire tournament and can be sent to anyone by sharing a unique link either via email or on social media.

You win a challenge if you get more points than your friend in matches where both of you made predictions. You can then compare the number of challenges won at the end of the tournament.

There is no limit to the number of challenges you can send. You can also start a challenge at any point during the competition.

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If you have any questions about Hyundai Match Predictor that are not addressed in the information above, feel free to email and we will get back to you.


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